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Whether you are a brand new, developing, or professional Forex trader, the benefits of working in a team cannot be overemphasized. At FX Price Action we focus on just that, TEAMWORK! 

Join our team of passionate and talented traders, all working together in sharing trading strategies, techniques, education, and trade ideas.

We focus on Price Action trading and our community is FREE thanks to all our wonderful Supporting Members!

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Training Program

Advanced Price Action Trading

Developed by Christiaan du Plessis (CJdupFX) the 6-Week Advanced Price Action Trading Program is a collection of concepts and trading techniques gained from years of trading and training experience. Some inspired by other traders, some unique to FX Price Action.


Focussing on developing a structured trading plan, risk management, and psychology, this program has already helped several struggling traders become consistent and funded through various prop trading firms. 

Our goal is not to make money from our training program, but rather to help develop traders that will be part of our team. Therefore our program is not for sale.  Instead, we make it available for free, to our Supporting Members. To find out more, head over to our Training Page.

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Live Trading Room

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The FX War Room

Our Live Trading Room on Discord is where the magic happens. Filled with some wonderfully talented traders, here it is all about teamwork. 

Well structured and organized, the FX War Room is our virtual "Trading Floor" where we work together to develop strategies and find trading opportunities in the market. 

It is a great place for developing traders to learn by seeing successful trading strategies in action.

The room is free to all, with some additional benefits to our Supporting Members. 

Online Events

Occasionally FX Price Action hosts various online trading events. Past events include the TradingView Trade of the Week, the FX Sniper Challenge, and the Forex Ultimate Trading Championship.


Traders can compete in these events to test out their trading skills, win some prizes, and make it into our Hall of Fame. Details of future events will be published on our website and announced across all our Social Media channels

To view our Hall of Fame or details about past events, head over to our Events Page.

Easy-Order Indicator

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Automatic Lot Size Calculator (MT4)

The Easy-Order indicator is a free tool, exclusive to the FX Price Action Community. 

The indicator for Metatrader 4 allows traders to manage their risk by managing their lot sizes automatically allowing traders to place trades fast, easy, and with confidence.

The indicator calculates the correct lot size for every instrument, based on the risk percentage that the trader sets for the trade and automatically places the Order, Stop Loss, and Take Profit.

The indicator works on Metatrader 4 for PC and Mac (Not available for mobile)

For a limited time the Easy-Order Indicator is free to the public. (Until 1 October 2021)  

Social Media

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Facebook Community

Our FX Price Action - Setups group has grown to over 70k members. Here community members share setup ideas and discuss all things trading related.

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Purely for Setups.


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Selected Setups are shared here. No more than 1 per day. As well as important content and news updates from our Community.


Facebook Group

To keep our community and services free, we rely on support from our members. 

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