Advanced Price Action Trading

6 Week Online Trading Course created by CJdupFX
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Struggling to find consistency?

Developed by full-time trader Christiaan du Plessis (CJdupFX), this 6-week training program is designed to help struggling traders find their edge.

It helps traders look at the market from a new perspective while developing a systematic trading approach while also delving into often overlooked topics such as risk management and psychology.

Free and Exclusive to FX Price Action Members

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Market Flow & Directional Bias

Identifying Price Action Zones

12 Entry Patterns & Execution

Money Management

Trading Plan & Strategy


"It's only after going through the training program that I feel that my trading skill has increased exponentially and that I finally have an edge on the market. The program is really good for someone that is looking for a strategy but does not have one.  Many times in the trading world people mention that you need a trading strategy to be profitable in the markets, but do not offer a solution, the FX War Room course does."

Sean Eskes - Pro Prop Funded Trader

"The course is clear, concise, comprehensive, easy to understand, and provides strategies that can be implemented at any stage of your trading journey, from the most novice traders to the most advanced professionals. I would highly recommend this course to any trader that is, or wants to be, serious about trading."

Alex Leventis - Prop Funded Trader


Step 1

Join our Live Discord Trading room. 

Please not your Discord ID (For example: CJdupFX#3051)

Step 2

Sign up with any of our Supported Brokers.  Or link an existing trading account with our affiliate program.

Step 3

Once you have a trading account set up, complete our registration form here:

How much does it cost?

Our aim at FX Price Action has always been to provide FREE education to traders. Our goal is to grow the talent in our community, rather than to make $$$ selling courses. 

To keep the lights on though, we do need support from our members. That is why we made the course available to all members with a Live Trading account with any or our brokers. If you already trade with any of our supported brokers, you could link your current account, or you can open a new trading account.

This does not cost the trader anything, other than a few minutes of their time. Should you feel after the training program that you are not ready to trade live, you can close your account and it didnt cost any money.


If a trader does become longterm succesfull, FX Price Action will generate a small amount of commissions, paid by the broker and not the trader. Essentially, the success of FX Price Action is tied to the success of our members.

So in summary, the course is completely free for those with a trading account with any of our Supported Brokers

Frequently Asked Questions

I am unable to sign up with one of the Supported Brokers, can I still enroll for the course?

Yes. The goal of FX Price Action is firstly and foremost to provide free tools, support and education to traders with the aim to improve the trading skills within our community. We dont want to exclude anyone. If you are unable to join a supporting broker, reach out to CJdupFX on Discord, via email or the contact form below and we will help you out.

I already have a Broker and I dont want to switch. can I still enroll for the course?

Yes definitely. We don't exclude anyone and anyone that wants to learn can get access to our course. Reach out to CJdupFX#3051 on Discord, email or the form below and we will get you enrolled.

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If you have any questions or need any help registering for the Advanced Price Action Trading course, contact us here. 

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