Advanced Price Action Trading 

Are you struggling to find that edge? Do you feel that you are so close to finding consistency but it just seems to be out of your reach? Sign up for our Free Online Training Program and find that Edge.


Developed by Full-Time Traders, our program has helped many struggling traders to break the barriers in finding consistency and success and has produced several Prop Funded Traders.


Unlike other "Mentors", "Trainers", "Experts", and "Institutions", we don't sell our program. We share it freely with those members that support us. This helps us improve the talent in our community and strengthens our team. 

Concepts Covered:

► Market Flow and Directional Bias
► Identifying Price Action Zones
► 12 Entry Patterns & Execution
► Money Management
► Psychology

► Trading Plan & Strategy

Designed by our Full-Time Traders this course teaches you Advanced Price Action Techniques and a different way of looking at the Market, without the use of Indicators. 

We teach you important concepts one at a time and delve deep into Money Management and the Psychology of Trading before putting it all together in a Trading Plan.

To access the Advanced Price Action Trading Course please follow these steps:


Join our Discord Training Room.

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Become a Supporting Member

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Jaco Matthee

Discord ID: J_Matt#3163

I was one of the first to complete the advance training. It covers everything from creating a bias, entry points, risk management and exit points. On top of that the psychological part and putting everything together in a well structured trading plan was golden for me. I always recommend our community and training to everyone looking for guidance in the markets. This is not your average gimmick selling unrealistic dreams and once off systems, but a team of experienced traders interacting everyday with solid trading ideas and setups as done by professionals


Alex Leventis

Discord ID: Lex#2272

The course is clear, concise, comprehensive, easy to understand and provides strategies that can be implemented at any stage of your trading journey, from the most novice traders, to the most advanced professionals.

I would highly recommend this course to any trader that is, or wants to be, serious about trading.

Pepe the Frog.png

Sean Eskes

Discord ID: Sean#5890

The free course that the FX War Room has proportioned me has immeasurable value for someone that has been trying to be profitable with trading for months. It's only after going through the training program that I feel that my trading skill has increased exponentially and that I finally have an edge on the market. The program is really good for someone that is looking for a strategy but does not have one. Many times in the trading world people mention that you need a trading strategy to be profitable in the markets, but do not offer a solution, the FX War Room course does

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: Do I need trading experience to join the Advanced Price Action Trading Program?

ANSWER: You do require a basic understanding of Forex Trading and Metatrader 4 (Or any other trading platform)

QUESTION: What if I am a complete beginner? Where do I start?

ANSWER: We are currently working on a beginners course. Until then, you can use our Beginner's Guide to Forex Trading PDF to help you find the right resources to get started. You can DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

QUESTION: Why do you require members to sign up with a Supporting Broker?

ANSWER: Our goal is to keep our community free and growing. Keeping everything running smoothly requires a lot of time, effort, and often funds. Instead of selling our program, we ask only that traders support us by trading with an affiliated broker.  Traders that become successful, will generate commissions for our community. These funds come from the broker and does not cost the trader anything. We don't receive funds for deposits or traders wiping accounts.  This is a win-win for everyone. FX Price Action will only gain if YOU become successful. These funds are not much, but it is enough to give a little something back to our moderators and contributors. When we have a little extra we also make sure to give back in the form of prizes and events!


QUESTION: I can't sign up with any of the Supported Brokers. Can I still access the Free Training Program?

ANSWER: We made it our mission to not exclude anyone from accessing our Training Program as well as all our other services. There are many ways traders can support us, even just by sharing trading ideas or being active in our community. Please drop us an email or contact CJdupFX#3051 directly on