Are you struggling to find that edge? Do you feel that you are so close to finding consistency but it just seems to be out of your reach? Try our Free Online Training Program and find that Edge.

Designed by our Full-Time Traders this course teaches you Advanced Price Action Techniques and a different way of looking at the Market, without the use of Indicators. 

We teach you important concepts 1 at a time and delve deep into Money Management and the Psychology of Trading before putting it all together in a Trading Plan.

Concepts Covered:

► Market Flow and Directional Bias
► Identifying Price Action Zones
► 12 Entry Patterns & Execution
► Money Management
► Psychology

► Trading Plan & Strategy

This Training Progam is open to any Supporting Member. Visit our Membership Page to find out more.

If you would like to take part in the Training Program contact us on the following channels:


Discord: CJdupFX#3051

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