FX Price Action is looking to launch its very own Copy-Trading Service with Traders from our Community.


We are currently recruiting Traders with a proven Track Record and a good understanding of Risk Management


Traders with a proven track record that meets our requirements will be put onto our Copy-Trading product. We are looking for around 5-8 traders that will all trade on the same product. Each trader will be allocated a portion of the funds to trade with and the results will reflect the combined efforts of all traders together. Combining several traders on the same fund will ensure a steadier equity curve. For example, if 2 traders have a bad month the fund can still show a positive return. This means less risk and more longevity. ​Funds will be provided by FX Price Action and our financial partners.


We are looking for traders that are hungry to make a career from trading. Traders that are profitable and consistent over a long period of time. But most importantly, traders that have a firm grasp of Risk/Money management. Traders need to trade with consistent risk (ie 2% risk max per trade) and not overexpose on a certain currency. If you can show that you can keep your risk under control while showing steady growth, we will have a spot for you on our team. ​



Of course. Each trader will earn commissions on the trades that he/she executes and also a percentage of the profit the trader makes on his/her own trades. The longer a trader stays positive the more funds will get allocated to you and the more you can earn. Contact us for more detailed information regarding remuneration.



If you are interested in becoming a trader with FX Price Action, reach out to us on or using the form below.  This could be your first step into becoming a Full-Time Professional Trader. If you already have a track record that could speed things along. If not start working on your track record.


Open a new trading account. Live or Demo. Use any of our Partnered Brokers. You can set your starting balance to anything you want. But what is important is that you execute every trade with the same risk %. We suggest 2% per trade. The best way to do this is to use a Lot Size Calculator for every trade or to use something like our Easy-Order Indicator to execute your trades.

If you have any questions or would like to apply, please fill out the form below:

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